Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

King in Detroit

Mar. 14, 1968: King Speaks About the “Other America” in the North
By | March 14, 2016

While Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks are typically associated with the South, both spent a great deal of their lives challenging the racism of the Jim Crow North. Yet this part of their history is repeatedly ignored.

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A Revolution of Values (Teaching Activity) | Zinn Education Project: Teaching People's History

A Revolution of Values
By | January 1, 2012

Teaching Activity. By Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 3 pages.
Text of speech by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on the Vietnam War, followed by three teaching ideas.

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Hidden in Plain Sight: Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Radical Vision (Teaching Activity) | Zinn Education Project: Teaching People's History

Hidden in Plain Sight: Martin Luther King Jr.’s Radical Vision
By | January 11, 2010

Teaching Activity. By Craig Gordon, Urban Dreams, and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers Project. 2003, updated in 2017.
Lesson to introduce students to the speeches and work of Dr. King beyond “I have a dream.”

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Bob Herbert on Nelson Mandela: 1918–2013
By | December 7, 2013

Article. Bob Herbert. Jacobin Magazine. 2013.
A critique of the “feel good” and “sentimental stick figure” mis-representations of Nelson Mandela and Dr. King in mass media.

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Claiming and Teaching the 1963 March on Washington
By | August 21, 2013

Article. By Bill Fletcher Jr. 2013. If We Knew Our History Series.
Remembered for Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech, the 1963 March on Washington has a richer and more complicated history. Fletcher reminds us it also included the demand: for jobs.

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The Limits of Master Narratives in History Textbooks: An Analysis of Representations of Martin Luther King Jr.
By | January 15, 2014

Article. By Derrick Alridge. 2006. 25 pages.
Critique of textbook representation of Martin Luther King Jr. as messiah, embodiment of the Civil Rights Movement, and a moderate.

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Ten Things You Should Know About Selma Before You See the Film
By | February 17, 2015

Article. By Emilye Crosby. 2015. If We Knew Our History Series.
Too much of what we learn about Selma and the struggle for voting rights focuses on the actions of famous leaders. But there is a “people’s history” of Selma we all can learn from.

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W. E. B. Du Bois to Malcolm X: The Untold History of the Movement to Ban the Bomb
By | October 7, 2015

Article. By Vincent Intondi. 2015. If We Knew Our History Series.
Intondi states: “African American leaders have long been concerned with broad issues of peace and justice—and have especially opposed nuclear weapons. Unfortunately, this activism is left out of mainstream corporate-produced history textbooks.”

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Debating the Civil Rights Movement, 1945-1968
By | November 23, 2007

Book – Non-fiction. By Stephen Lawson and Charles Payne. 2006. 227 pages.
Introduces and examines the complex story of the modern Civil Rights Movement as it should be taught, providing key background information and analysis for teachers.

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Freedom Walkers: The Story of the Montgomery Bus Boycott
By | October 10, 2009

Book – Non-fiction. By Russell Freedman. 2006. 114 pages.
Written for middle school, the story of the Montgomery Bus Boycott, in which Rosa Parks played a role but was not the sole hero.

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Hope and History: Why We Must Share the Story of the Movement
By | September 24, 2006

Book – Non-fiction. By Vincent Harding. 2010 (2nd edition). 240 pages.
A call to educators, clergy, and community activists to remember and keep alive the story of the Black-led freedom movement.

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The March on Washington: Jobs, Freedom, and the Forgotten History of Civil Rights
By | August 14, 2013

Book – Non-fiction. By William P. Jones. 2013. 296 pages.
A vital text on the hidden history and significance of the March on Washington.

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The Speech: The Story Behind Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Dream
By | August 22, 2013

Book – Non-fiction. By Gary Younge. 2013. 180 pages.
Chronicle behind “The Speech” and other events surrounding the March on Washington.

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At the River I Stand
By | December 30, 2004

Film. Directed by David Appleby, Allison Graham and Steven Ross. 1993. 58 min.
Documentary film on the African American sanitation workers’ 1968 fight for human dignity and a living wage in Memphis.

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By | February 26, 2015

Film. By Clark Johnson. 2001. 120 min.
Dramatic account of the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: “Beyond Vietnam”
By | June 19, 2011

Film clip. Voices of a People’s History.
Dramatic reading of Dr. Martin Luther King’s “Beyond Vietnam” (1967) speech by Michael Ealy.

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Eyes on the Prize: America’s Civil Rights Years, 1954-1985
By | October 20, 2004

Film. Produced by Henry Hampton. Blackside. 1987. 360 min.
Comprehensive documentary history of the Civil Rights Movement.

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