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Thanks to all our donors—individuals like you—who make it possible for the Zinn Education Project to promote the teaching of people’s history. We are pleased to highlight some of the stories and endorsements that donors have shared with us.

Forrant-Robert_headshotRobert Forrant
In honor of the Bread and Roses Martyrs
mia_henry_headshotMia Henry
In honor of Rugenia Moore Henry, civil rights activist
bill_fletcher_jr_headshotBill Fletcher, Jr.
In honor of William G. Flechter’s labor lessons
kipp_dawson_headshotKipp Dawson
In honor of Anne Dawson, a Rosie the Riveter
rhoda_seidler_headshotRhoda Seidler
In honor of my father, Glyde, a member of the Lincoln Brigade
tom_lesser_headshotTom Lesser
Help shed a light on real history
bill_holtzman_headshotBill Holtzman
To bring students the power of Zinn’s teaching and principles
Thank you 2015 Donors | Zinn Education Project: Teaching People's History“Keep disseminating truth and justice!”
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Donor Quotes


Whenever there was a struggle for peace and justice, Howard was there, on the front lines, unflagging in his enthusiasm, and inspiring in his integrity, engagement, eloquence and insight; a light touch of humor in the face of adversity, and dedication to non-violence and sheer decency. It is hard even to imagine how many young people’s lives were touched, and how deeply, by his achievements, both in his work and his life.

Myla Kabat-Zinn | Zinn Education Project: Teaching People's Historydonor_kabat-zinn

I have gladly made an annual financial commitment to the Zinn Education Project. In these times with education funding being slashed; history and social studies downgraded, we need the Zinn Education Project more than ever. By any measure, the Zinn Education Project is growing, successful, and true to my father’s vision. It’s heartening to see that so many K–12 educators are “teaching outside the textbook.” Read more.


We contribute to the Zinn Education Project because it is a powerful way to help teachers and students learn a more complete, nuanced, and inclusive history of our nation.



As an immigrant from Germany who lived in the United States for thirty years, I know how the truth of a story comes through the richness of diverse voices. My own work teaching mindfulness, yoga, and other awareness practices that are somewhat outside the mainstream of traditional education makes the work of the Zinn Education Project even more meaningful to me. I care deeply about educating and empowering young people so they can contribute to creating a more just, democratic and inclusive society. It is this kind of authentic education we should all support.

I am donating because the Zinn Education Project shares stories of courage, resolve, and hope that I don’t get from any other source.



The need for this project could not be more timely. Social change is only possible if people understand their history and they are willing to question. Reading Howard Zinn’s books and attending his lectures when I was in college greatly influenced and provided me with the perspective and understanding to pursue a career as an attorney representing whistleblowers. I sincerely hope that others who have been inspired by Howard Zinn will give what they can to this project so you are able to reach many, many more teachers and students in the coming year.
Marta Ames | Zinn Education Project: Teaching People's Historydonor_ames Young people need to learn the people’s history so they can be leaders for the social change we all so desperately need. Right now, the world can seem a hopeless place. But there is hope if our teachers share true stories of the power of collective action. I didn’t get to hear that story until I read A People’s History of the United States in college. I don’t want our children to be 20 before they get the chance. That’s why I support the Zinn Education Project.



I’m donating to support the great work you do in providing resources to teachers and others to help tell the full story of the history of the United States. I’m a retired college professor who made use of your resources in teaching U.S. history.

Richard Rothstein | Zinn Education Project: Teaching People's History

Richard Rothstein | Zinn Education Project: Teaching People's History

Many of the social, economic, and even political problems that we face today are rooted in our country’s racial caste system. We can’t begin to think responsibly about how to solve these problems if we don’t understand how they were created. The Zinn Education Project attempts to bring that understanding of our racial history to middle and high school students, and for that we are all in the project’s debt.


2016 Donors

Matthew Abely
Janna Aladdin
Janice Alder
Hasoni Andrews
Anonymous (7)
Roberta Batorsky
Natalie Benelli
Karen Beranek
Berta Berriz
Jason Bogus
Martha Brewer, in memory of
Susie Morgan of Greenwood, MS
Beth Canizaro
Heather Cantino
Nancy Carlsson-Paige
and Matt Damon
Gerald Coles
Randy Converse
Emilye Crosby
Chelsey Culley
Kendra Dawsey
Dixie Davis
Elli Edelstein
Carol Flaig
David Fletcher
Sandra Fliegelman
Nancy Folsom
Benjamin Forbes
Sharon Foster, in memory of
the grandfather I never knew,
who came to America in the
1920s with nothing but a
few dollars and a dream of
a better life
William Gilliland
Jack Gilroy
Bruce Guenthner
Stefan Gunther
Susan Hagstrom
Christian Hase
Jessie Hathorne-Cantil
Stephen Hedt
Susan Hopkins
Rafe Husain
May Jadallah
Diann Jenkins
Wilson Johns
David Johnson
Katherine Jones
Susan Jones
Robbie Kahn, in honor of
my mentor Ralph Miliband,
the British political sociologist
Barbara Keller
Ayda Lucero Fleck
Miriam Larson
Diana Linden
Matthew Livingood
Barbara Maddocks
Carolina Martinez and
David Werlin
James Mealy
John Meiklejohn
Sandra Michel
Naomi Milstein
Christian Morssink
Patrick Newcomb
Chuck O’Neil
Yaa Oforiwaa
Annette Osenga
George Pappas
Margaret Pedroza
Roland Pesch
Charles Philp
Charles Pilon
Anita Prentice
Julie Quiring
Patricia Renda
RI Teacher for Justice
Susan Robbins
Richard Rothstein
Susan Rubin
Lucille Scotti
Walter Shelly
Paul Sherman
Chris Sisto
Sue Stillman
Sandra Stone
James Talley
Michael Tomlinson
Deborah Ullman
Jenice View
John Vincent
Larry Waite
Laurel Wall, in honor of
my grandfather James Stafford,
a Wyoming rancher, who
delivered mail to the Black
soldiers during WWII when
the Red Cross wouldn’t
Eldon Weaver
Kurt Weber
Kaya Weidman
Thurman Wenzl
David Werlin
Somali White
Phyllis Willett

2015 Donors

Trish Abalo
Matthew Abely
Janice Alder
Sylvia Allen
Genevieve Ameduri
Anonymous (26)
Lee Artz
Joan Baisley
Ellen Baker
Eric Beck
Natalie Benelli
Berta Berriz
Bill Bigelow
George Bishop
Linda Black
Sue Blake
Judith Bloch
Craig Blyeth
Jason Bogus
Bart Bolger
Craig Bolton
Victor Bondi
Kathleen Bougher
Michael Bowler
Harold Boydstun
Mark Brailsford
Wendy Breuer & Charlie Crane,
in honor of my dear friend
Michael Charney
for his lifetime of work as
teacher and organizer
Shana Brown
Rebecca Budelman
Alan Burnham
Heather Cantino
William Carito
Nancy Carlsson-Paige
and Matt Damon
Flora Carson
Cathaline G. Carter
Marc Carter
Robin Carter
Brett Cease
Marguerite Chandler
Chemung Valley Montessori
Middle School
Peggy Clark
Roxane Clark-Murphy, in honor of
my grandfather, Cornelius
Vanderbilt Lowe, a man of
color who graduated from the
Univ. of Pennsylvania’s School
of Veterinary Medicine in
David Colapinto
Gerald Coles
Community Foundation
of New Jersey
Randy Converse
Gary Cook
Maren Cooke
Travis Corona
Craig and Cindy Corrie,
in memory of our daughter,
Rachel Corrie
Emilye Crosby
Barry Cutler
Kenneth Danford
Loren Daniels
Joan Davis
Kipp Dawson, in honor of
and in tribute
to Jane Heather McKee,
and all school library
teachers everywhere
Gabriel Deerman
Maria DeFelice
Carol deProsse
Norm Diamond
Charles Dietrick
Wendy Dillenschneider
Dennis Doros and Amy Heller,
in honor of Kathleen Collins,
Billie Allen, and
Ornette Coleman
Brian Dotts
Samuel Dudley
Jeff Edmundson
Julie Olsen Edwards, in honor of
my parents, Jack and Tillie
Judith Ehrlich
Renae Ekstrand
Arline Epstein
Anne Erde
Tom Essenpreis
Nancy Evans
Virginia Fabio
Steve Fairbrother
Mary Cronk Farrell, in honor of
Fannie Sellins who was shot to
death on the picket line
Jane Feigenbaum
Hope Fellows, in honor of
my daughter-in-law, who is
a lover of humanity and
a teacher herself
Barbara Fess, in honor of
Bryan Stevenson, author of
Just Mercy
Shelly Fields
Daniel Fitzgibbons
Nancy Fleischer
David Fletcher
Jessica Flock
Carson Flora
Christine Fogler
Nancy Folsom
Greg Foote
Timothy Ford, in memory of
Eileen S. Price
Robert Forrant, in memory of
the 1912 Bread & Roses
Catherine Fountain
Judi Freeman
Brel Froebe
Cara Fulton
Tony Funches & Families,
in loving memory of
Mrs. Virginia B. Funches
P Fuss
James Gardner
Joy Garscadden
Lee Ann Gekas
Joe Buchwald Gelles
Gina Genovese
Samantha Gibson
Jack Gilroy
Susan Glisson
Gary Goldstein
Kathleen Gomez
Lee Goodman-Gargagliano
Craig Gordon
Patricia Goudvis
Katherine Gray
Ryan Gray, on behalf of
Michele Olem & Robert Linton
Darrell Greco
Mark Gregory
Monica Greenfield
Carol Gronstal
Joan Gussow
Susan Hagstrom, in honor of
my mom, Martha Hardman
Melinda Haraldson
Dr. MJ Hardman
Bettina Harmon
Bryce Harrington
Cynthia Harris
Andrew Hasell
Joyce Hathaway
Christian Haudenschild
Stephen Hedt
Heimbinder Family Foundation
Thaddeus Heitmann
Desiree Hellegers
Mia Henry
James Hicks
Lynn Hicks
Hoby Hittson
Suzanne Hoffer
Nancy Hoffman
Sudie Hofmann
Jefferson Holt
Susan Holtzman
William Holtzman
George Hopkins
Susan Hopkins
Kenneth Hornstein
Mary Hutchinson
Glen Hutloff
Jeffrey Imig
Ronald Ireland
Henry Itkin
Daniel Jares
Wilson Johns
Amy Johnson
David Johnson
Robert Johnson
Ronald Joseph
Diana Joubert
Myla Kabat-Zinn
Patricia Kahn
Jill Kaila
Kenneth Kay
Edward Kenestrick
Sharon Kilgore
Jim Kleinpeter
Maria T. Kluge
Marc Korashan
Eileen Kugler
Cathy Kunkel
Patricia Kunkel
Alison Kysia
Maria Lisa Lambert, in honor of
Grandpa Pat and the quest for
fair and decent wages and
working conditions
Philip and Marilyn Lange
Kathy Lanning and
Fran Manocchio
Mark Lapakko
Cecilia Larios
Miriam Larson
Paul Lauter
Toni Lavery
Sandra Lawrence
Marvin Leifer
Linda LeKander
Gail Lelyveld
Andrew Leong
Mishy Lesser, in honor of
Ricardo Campos and all the
courageous educators who
have walked this earth
George Liberis
Bright Limm
Robyn Lingo
Richard Lubin, in honor of
my professor at Boston
University, Howard Zinn
James MacBride
Judith Magee
John Mahoney
Michael Malone
Gene Marchi
Michael Marcus
Paxton Marshall
Dallas Mathis
Janet Matthews
Tessa Maurer
Libby McCroskey
Richard McHugh
Theresa McKinley
William Mendelson
Liza Metz
Patricia Michelsen
Mary Mikesell
John Mills
William Minter
Bob Moore
Cornelius Moore
Christian Morssink
Jenna Morvay
Patricia Murphy
Terry Neason
Jonothan Neelands
Pat Newcomb, in honor of
my mother, Jane Newcomb
Sonia Nieto
Abraham Northy
Katherine O’Donnell
Tony Oppegard
Paul Ortiz, in memory of
Dr. Cliff Kuhn who did so much
to develop the field of oral
history in order to bring
ordinary people’s voices to the
forefront of U.S. American
Louis Osofsky
Cynthia Parti
Gray Pattillo
Marick Payton
The Peace Flag Project
Samuel Peck
Margaret Pedroza
Joan Pfeffer
Susan Phalen
Charles Philp
Amy Piacitelli
Jennifer Pierce
Rosemary Plakas, in honor of
my high school history teacher,
Jean Curl, who was a WAVE
during WWII and graduated
from Pak Univ. on the GI bill
Diana Porter
Gary Potter
Leslie Potter
Matthew Preston
Gail Prusslin
Jannice Pulliam, in honor of my
Black Indian grandpa, Levi Rowe
Lisa Putrelo
Laurie Pym
Hal Rager
Stan Raines
Gayle Raymer
Jason Reardon
Angela Redden
A Revolutionary Press
Regis Reynolds, in honor of
Jewell Rhodes
Wynn Richards
Judy Richardson
Robert Sillins Family Foundation
John Roche
Donna Rogers-Beard
Murray Rosenblith and
Carol Leven
Marcy Rosewall
Nicolas Rossi
Ariela Rothstein
Eleanor Rubin
Paul Rubin
Susan Rubin
Carol Rudisill
Julie Rufo
Antonia Ruiz
Doryce Rushing
Sean Russell
Anne Ryan
Yael Sacks
Sonmez Sahutoglu
Lura Salm
David Sandage
Mark Sconyers
Heather Searles
Margaret Seeger
Rowan Shafer-Rickles
Donna Sharer
Ellen Shatter
Amy Shaw
Nancy Sheer
Jonathan Sherlock
Paul Sherman
Molly Sherrick, in honor of
my five children and their
partners/spouses, all of whom
have given me a greater
education in social history
and much needed
(and appreciated) awareness of
the stories that remain largely
untold, uncelebrated, and
purposely repressed
Ira Shor
Nadeem Siddiqi
Joanne Siegla
Silicon Valley Community
Susan Sillins
Mark Simon
Roberta Sims
Gregory Smith
Naomi Smith, in honor of
my father, Leon Chesman,
a member of the NYC Teachers
Union and taught until he got
Elizabeth Spaar
Jennifer Stiles
Gillian Stratton
Katy Swalwell
Christian Sweningsen
Boryana Tacconi
James Talley
Millicent Thayer
Rachel Thinnes
Margaret Thompson
Nora Thompson
Michael Tomlinson
Michelle Tovar
John D. Tribuna
Deborah Ullman
Julia Van Dyke
Jenice View
Melissa Villarreal
Larry Waite
Jennifer and Jim Walt, in honor
of Joanna James, Joanne Salus
and their sons, Calvin
and Treyvon, all good people
who are good to us and to
James Waltinson
Vanessa Warheit, in memory of
Richard Navies, my U.S. history
teacher at Berkeley High, a
former Black Panther, who
taught me a true peoples’
history of the U.S., and it
changed my life
Adam Weiss
James Weisser, in honor of
my father, Louis Weisser
Amy Wenzel
Thurman Wenzl
George West
Evan White
Somali White
Anthony Wilden
Phyllis Willett
Roger Williams
Roxanne Williams
James Wohlgemuth
Michelena Wolf
Working Assets/CREDO
Michelle Wooten
Reinhard Worbs
Judith Wray
Barbara Wright
Adrienne Zanini
Robert Zappone
Naomi Zurcher


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