The Line Between Us: Teaching About the Border and Mexican Immigration

Teaching Guide. By Bill Bigelow. 2006. 160 pages.
Lessons for teaching about the history of U.S.–Mexico relations and current border and immigration issues. Published by Rethinking Schools.

  • Time Periods: Early 19th Century: 1800 - 1849, 19th Century, 20th Century | Themes: Immigration, Latino, Wars & Related Anti-War Movements | Reading Levels: High School | Resource Types: Teaching Guides

linebetweenThe Line Between Us explores the history of U.S.-Mexican relations and the roots of Mexican immigration, all in the context of the global economy. And it shows how teachers can help students understand the immigrant experience and the drama of border life.

The Line Between Us is about more than Mexican immigration and border issues. It’s about imaginative and creative teaching that gets students to care about the world. Using role plays, stories, poetry, improvisations, simulations and video, veteran teacher Bill Bigelow demonstrates how to combine lively teaching with critical analysis.

One of the lessons is tied directly to Chapter 8 of A People’s History of the United States, “We Take Nothing By Conquest, Thank God.”

The Line Between Us is ideal for teachers, adult educators, and community organizers.

ISBN: 9780942961317 | Published by Rethinking Schools.


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  • Another wonderful resource is the DVD Wetback by Arturo Perez Torres. It follows 2 young immigrants from Nicaragua to Mexico, and then beyond. It shows the perils of the journey and interviews those caught up in the trip north (safe houses, officials, Border Patrol, etc.) Amazing and tragic footage. I got this through the Ironweed film club. Thanks for all your great work. Sarah Meyers

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