Arkansas Teachers: Request a Book by Howard Zinn and People’s History Lessons March 3, 2017

Send people's history to Arkansas—Donate today! | Zinn Education Project: Teaching People's HistoryWith the legislative proposal to ban “any books or other material authored by or concerning Howard Zinn,” the Zinn Education Project is offering free copies of books by Howard Zinn and A People’s History for the Classroom to teachers in Arkansas. We are inspired by the Librotraficante who delivered books to schools in Tucson, Arizona, in defiance of the ethnic studies ban.

The delivery of these books is made possible by donations from individuals and publishers including Haymarket BooksSeven Stories Press, The New Press, Beacon Press, and HarperCollins.

UPDATE 3/22: The book request window has closed. We received nearly 800 requests, some with inspiring comments from Arkansas teachers. Donors also sent moving notes of why they contributed to the book drive. We are encouraged by the way everyone joined together to ensure students have the chance to learn the true history of the United States, a people’s history.

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