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A few ways you can help support and promote the work of the Zinn Education Project:

  • Register for the Zinn Education Project. Registration is free and will allow you to download free teaching activities. You will automatically be added to our email list to receive occasional updates.
  • Make sure other teachers and teacher educators in your networks know about the Zinn Education Project website. Post a notice about the Zinn Education Project on listserves, in newsletters, on social networking sites, and at your school. You can use any of the web banners at the end of this page for blogs or websites. Here is an announcement you can use or adapt:

The Zinn Education Project: Teaching a People’s History website offers more than 100 free, downloadable teaching activities for middle and high school classrooms to bring a people’s history to the classroom. The site also lists hundreds of recommended books, films and websites. The teaching activities and resources are organized by theme, time period and grade level. This is the only collection of its kind for educators — print or online — in the country. Visit and register today.

  • Share on social media:
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  • Donate to the Zinn Education Project so that we can sustain the current site and add new components. With your support, we can add classroom film clips, make the site interactive, add lessons for the elementary grades, and hold summer writing workshops for teachers to share and document their stories for the site. Donations of any amount are welcome. Let us know if we can publicly acknowledge your support. Click here to donate.
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With a donation starting at $25, you can get a bumper sticker or button to show your support.
  • Share stories, photos, and/or film clips about how you teach a people’s history in your classroom. We will use selected examples for the website and other outreach to demonstrate the impact of using a people’s history and share teaching ideas. (Remember that, for photos and film clips, there needs to permission from students’ families to use classroom images.) Email us your resources here.
  • Let us know if we can refer the media to you when they are looking for a teacher in your school district who teaches a people’s history. Email us your contact information here.
  • Volunteer with the Zinn Education Project. Volunteers and interns are needed to help with promotion, documentation, identification of more titles for the resource list, and more. Availability in the Washington, D.C. area preferred but not essential. Send your letter of interest and resume, addressed to Lauren Cooper, here.
  • Spread the word by hanging posters, passing out bookmarks and booklets or having a display at your bookfair, conference or community event. Download the full color poster image below or a full color PDF poster here, printable at almost any size. To request bookmarks or booklets be mailed to you, fill out an online form or email Lauren Cooper here.

Printed Promotional Items

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