“They’re Bankrupting Us!”: And 20 Other Myths about Unions

Book – Non-fiction. By Bill Fletcher, Jr. 2012. 224 pages.
Scholar and labor organizer Bill Fletcher, Jr. unpacks the 21 myths most often cited by anti-labor propagandists.

  • Themes: Economics, Labor, Organizing | Reading Levels: Adult, High School | Resource Types: Books: Non-Fiction

theyrebankruptingus9780807003329If you’ve been in a discussion with colleagues or family about labor issues, most likely you’ve heard someone say “Unions were good once, but we don’t need them anymore,” “Unions are corrupt,” or “Public sector unions cause budget deficits.” Fortunately, you no longer need to come up with answers to these challenges alone. Each chapter of Bill Fletcher’s new book takes on one of the most common contemporary myths about organized labor. In addition to its role at family dinners, this book would be useful for labor education programs and high school government or economics classes.

ISBN: 9780807003329 | Published by Beacon Press.





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