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  1. Thomas Macy
    July 9, 2014

    The idea that the Revolution was instigated as some effort by the common man promoting a political upheaval is based on an incorrect interpretation of facts. My ancestors wrote of the times as the Revolution (or Rebellion) was fought around them. The nation was as divided then as it is now. My forebears were farmers and considered the revolution to be a rebellion as did almost all their friends. It is obvious that the idea of separation was an widely known idea but it was far from popular. It took leaders to make it happen. Leaders are special men who take a mixture of disparate ideas and mold them into a movement. The uniqueness of the United States is not in some political upheaval instigated by a common movement, it is in the “lonely geniuses” directing opposing views into a recognizable movement with long term implications for good…a movement based upon revolutionary principles.

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