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I can UNDERSTAND pessimism, but I don't BELIEVE in it. It's not simply a matter of faith, but of historical EVIDENCE. Not overwhelming evidence, just enough to give HOPE, because for hope we don't need certainty, only POSSIBILITY.

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    Missing from Presidents’ Day: The People They Enslaved

    By Clarence Lusane
    Schools across the country are adorned with posters of the 44 U.S. presidents and the years they served in office. U.S. history textbooks describe the accomplishments and challenges of the major presidential administrations—George Washington had the Revolutionary War, Abraham Lincoln the Civil War, Teddy Roosevelt the Spanish-American War, and so on. Children’s books put students on a first-name basis with the presidents, engaging readers with stories of their dogs in the Rose Garden or childhood escapades. Nowhere in all this information is there any mention of the fact that more than one in four U.S. presidents were involved in human trafficking and slavery.

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    Henry Kissinger Is No Friend of Humanity

    Did you see the Democratic debate last night? Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger became a point of contention. We can take this opportunity to introduce students to Kissinger. It was Kissinger who famously called anti-Vietnam War activist and whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg “the most dangerous man in America.”

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    Rethinking Presidents’ Day | Black History Month

    FEBRUARY NEWSLETTER | Missing from Presidents’ Day: The People They Enslaved | Time to Tell the Truth About Slavery at Mount Vernon | Rethinkin’ Lincoln and the Emancipation Proclamation | Stripmining Black History Month | Tremendous Growth in 2015 | Upcoming conferences

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