“The value of non-violence comes first,” SNCC Veteran Ivanhoe Donaldson Tells Students

Update: We are sad to share that Ivanhoe Donaldson passed away on April 3, 2016 at the age of 74. Remembrances can be found on CRMvet.org.
On May 27, 2014, students in two U.S. history class at Stuyvesant High School in New York City had the opportunity to talk …
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SNCC Veteran Makes Movement Real for Indianapolis Students

“Ms. Richardson’s vivid details gave life to facts out of a textbook. It makes me remember these things really did happen and it is not just a story.” Alex M.
 “It meant so much for me to have a chance to talk to Ms. Richardson and to hear how

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“Did you ever feel like giving up?” and More Student Questions for SNCC Veteran

On the morning of May 6, 2014, a webcam connected budding student activists and their teacher, Beth Sanders, at Tarrant High School in Birmingham, Ala. to SNCC veteran Dorie Ladner in Washington, D.C.
The exchange was made possible through a collaboration between the SNCC Legacy Project and the Zinn Education …
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