Rights Matter: The Story of the Bill of Rights

Teaching Guide. By Nancy Murray. 2006. 69 pages.
A free, downloadable, student-friendly booklet on the Bill of Rights, available in English and Spanish.

  • Themes: Laws & Citizen Rights | Reading Levels: Grades 6-8, High School | Resource Types: Spanish/Bilingual, Teaching Guides


Rights Matter: The Story of the Bill of Rights is a free downloadable curriculum developed by Nancy Murray and the Bill of Rights Education Project at the American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts. The project encourages citizens to think critically about difficult social issues and the importance of the Bill of Rights.

The sections of Rights Matter: The Story of the Bill of Rights include:

Preface (1)
Introduction (2)
1) Fight the Power (3)
2) The Fatal Flaw (6)
3) Who Were ‘We the People’? (9)
4) Securing Blessings of Liberty (12)
5) The Bill of Rights (16)
6) Just Words on Paper (22)
7) Whose Land is this Land?(27)
8) Second American Revolution(31)
9) Retreat From Reconstruction(34)
10) Fear Overwhelms(37)
11) New Times of Crisis (41)
12) The Civil Rights Movement (45)
13) The Rights Revolution (50)
14) The Rights of Students (54)
15) Balancing Liberty & Security(63)
Epilogue: Future of the Bill of Rights

Rights Matter: The Story of the Bill of Rights is also available for free in Spanish in PDF format: Los Derechos Importan: La Historia de la Carta de Derechos.

Produced by the The Bill of Rights Education Project, ACLU of Massachusetts.

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