Bring the New ZEP Organizer to Your City! November 10, 2017

Adam Sanchez, Teacher Organizer | Zinn Education Project: Teaching People's HistoryThanks to the generous support of a longtime Zinn Education Project (ZEP) supporter and those of you who donated to our campaign, we have hired a full-time ZEP organizer for the 2017-2018 school year!

Our new organizer, Adam Sanchez, is an editor of Rethinking Schools and has taught high school social studies in Portland, Oregon, and New York City over the last six years. We want to send Adam to your community to help teachers better use our people’s history resources and to knit together a face-to-face network of social justice teachers. By supporting one another and sharing lessons and strategies with each other and with the larger ZEP community, we can begin to challenge the canned corporate curriculum and the well-established conservative textbooks. Imagine how we could transform the teaching of history if we could bring together our Zinn Education Project network—now at more than 75,000 and growing!

Adam has written numerous articles for Rethinking Schools and the Zinn Education Project including his most recent piece launching the Zinn Education Project’s Teach Reconstruction campaign, titled “When Black Lives Mattered: Why Teach Reconstruction.” The fall issue of Rethinking Schools also includes an article Adam co-wrote about teaching the Black Panther Party. See more of Adam’s written work, including classroom lessons, here.

Host a Workshop

Interested in bringing Adam to your city to do a ZEP workshop? Please fill out this form. (We indicate a range of people’s history topics Adam can address. Our focus this year is on the untold story of Reconstruction as a vital example of the struggle for interracial democracy, so that will be our priority when we need to make choices.)





 Support the Work

Of course, our ability to send Adam to teaching communities across the country depends on your continued support. Please donate to our People’s History Organizer campaign. As Adam wrote recently, we need to help teachers provide students with “a more honest, full history of the United States”— one that acknowledges “those who have fought and died fighting racism and oppression.” Donate generously so we can send Adam across the country to help organize teachers to transform the curriculum.

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