Spread the Word! Get Bookmarks and Flyers to Share June 12, 2017

The way most people hear about the Zinn Education Project is through friends and colleagues. You can request Zinn Education Project bookmarks and flyers to distribute at education events, conferences, or, in this case, Little Free Libraries.

Elizabeth Sundstrom is steward to a Little Free Library in Richmond, California. She wrote:

I am not attending a conference nor am I a teacher but I want these to share in my Little Free Library. When I studied Howard Zinn’s books in college, it changed the course of my education. I never would have majored in African American Studies or looked at the world so differently without Zinn.

In addition to education conferences and workshops, bookmarks and flyers can be requested for bookstores, community centers, libraries, and other public venues through this online form or email lcooper@teachingforchange.org.

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