10th Anniversary Edition of Voices of a People’s History Coming This Fall October 5, 2014

Performances of Voices of a People’s History Scheduled for Los Angeles and New York in November


The 10th anniversary edition of Voices of a People’s History of the United States will be published by Seven Stories Press this fall.

A companion book to Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States, Voices of a People’s History offers first person voices—speeches, letters, poems, and songs.

The 10th anniversary edition will feature new voices including:

  • whistleblower Chelsea Manning;
    Naomi Klein, speaking from the Occupy Wall Street encampment in Liberty Square;
  • a member of Dream Defenders, a youth organization that confronts systemic racial inequality;
  • members of the undocumented youth movement, who occupied, marched, and demonstrated in support of the DREAM Act;
  • a member of the day laborers movement;
  • and several critics of the Obama administration, including Glenn Greenwald, on governmental secrecy.

To celebrate this anniversary, two performances of Voices of a People’s History are scheduled: in Los Angeles on Nov. 13 and in New York on Nov. 21. Visit Voices of a People’s History website and the Facebook page for details and ticket information.






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