U.S. Postal Service Selects Shetterly Portrait for Shirley Chisholm Stamp January 26, 2014

chisholm_stampOn January 31, the United States Postal Service will unveil a new postage stamp honoring Shirley Chisholm. The image used for the stamp is Robert Shetterly’s portrait, which is part of the Americans Who Tell the Truth series.

Chisholm was the first African American woman ever elected to Congress, and in 1972 she became the first African American woman and only the second woman to seek the presidential nomination of a major political party.

The Chisholm stamp will be the 37th stamp in the USPS Black Heritage Series, which was begun in 1978.

Robert Shetterly and Americans Who Tell the Truth have generously shared their portraits of unsung heroes with the Zinn Education Project for our “this day in history” posts, our Unsung Heroes lesson, profiles, and more.

We are very glad that this vital portrait series of truth tellers and the outspoken social justice advocate Shirley Chisholm will receive national visibility with this new stamp.


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